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First Steps

On a shimmering Sunday afternoon, I stood overlooking the Palouse, a coin in my hand. Anything could happen – a wish, a hope, a denial, a failure. Didn’t matter, though, and I placed that coin on the curve of my thumb, flipped it in the air and let it drop to the picnic table beside me.

It took over a decade to drop, arching as it did high into blue skies that turned grey and thunderous, tumbling over land that shifted from deep rich Idaho soil, to red tinted pineapple fields to North Washington beaches.  Glinting in the slanted sunlight of last Fall, it finally struck a picnic table miles from the first, spinning on an edge, flashing light, dark, light, until finally, face-up and still, it lay against the blue painted slats of the table as if it had always been there.  

The Journey is set. This Summer I enter the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA program in Writing for Children and Young Adults. Sometime between now and then, more writing will be made, more books read, more research performed.Here I’ll record the journey, first as memory, then as reality as quickly as I can make it. Ah… /write/ it down.   


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