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Still busily reading for school this summer, but recently received some cool news.

Sheila Bender is one of those writers I’ve read off and on for years, mostly for her sound advice on the process of writing. I discovered A Year in the Life soon after the birth of my second child and it influenced the final edit of my MA thesis. Through her passion for poetry and essay, Sheila transmits a sense of capability and honor to the young writer – she believes that if a person wishes to write, then they have what it takes to not only begin but to succeed.

I was excited to read earlier this year about her essay contest and sent three pieces off in short measure. I was overjoyed to hear from her a few weeks later – Becoming a Woman of Color had won first prize!

“Becoming” is a piece that my close readers have enjoyed, but one that never seemed to quite fit the journals to which I submitted it. The form is a non-traditional essay written second person, and the piece was often criticized in workshop because of this. Male readers didn’t feel comfortable being asked to read from a woman’s point of view, folk-not-of-color didn’t want to inhabit the ambivalent space between privilege and prejudice. I tried changing it several times to make it more ‘accessible’ only to return to the voice of it’s original.

Sheila writes:

“Becoming a Woman of Color” by Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor offers a satisfying and moving read. A lyric essay in structure, it is built in sections that each begin with a command: Imagine, Remember, Picture. The symmetry between beginning and ending the essay with the word imagine and the repeated commands of remember and picture sandwiched between the opening and closing of the essay carry both writer and reader through a rewarding emotional journey.

I am /so/ grateful that she responded so positively to the piece and grateful that she chose it as the winning entry for her contest. She and her co-publisher Kurt VanderSluis have published Becoming a Woman of Color in her online journal http://writingitreal.com/.

As part of my prize, Sheila looked over one of the other two essays I submitted. She gave me a very frank assessment which showed I still have far to go with my work. There were technical difficulties to the piece but what was most helpful to me was that she contrasted that piece with “Becoming.” I learned that when I trust my voice, instead of trying to make a piece into what I think others will respond to, I do /much/ better. It’s something I’ve read time and again in books on writing and something I’ve heard time and again from veteran writers.

The difference with Sheila, though, is that she /showed/ me what that meant for my own writing and as any writer will tell you Show Don’t Tell is the first and last rule of good writing and good critique.


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Pagdiriwang Words Expressed
(click image to embiggen)

Less than a month before the Pagdiriwang event!

Writers Workshop Co-chairs Maria Batayola, Robert Francis Flor and Dale Tiffany have put together a terrific program, and promoted it incredibly well. I’m very excited to read, but even more excited to hear the work of all the fabulous pinay writers featured:

Melissa Nolledo
Nancy Calos-Nakano
Angela Martinez-Dy
Donna Miscolta
Tess Uriza Holthe
Toni Bajado
Marianne Villanueva
Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor

The place to be:

Words Expressed: Filipina Women Writers Workshop

Saturday, June 7, 2008
Noon-4:00 pm
Seattle Center, Centerhouse Theater


(Aside – I’m very grateful to note that being at this event does not mean I’ll miss my daughter’s ballet recital on June 8 as I had previously thought!)

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After much hacking and slaying mixed with misery and despair, three picture book drafts are off for the VC workshop.

It makes for happy.

First I thought I’d write something completely new in the YA realm. Then as time slipped away I thought I could at least turn in the same stories that I had submitted for my application. But that felt a bit like cheating. So I went back to the YA idea but it was slow and then I got some comments back on one of the PBs I thought was ‘done’ – it’s not done.

So I slashed that one in half, stitched it back together with leaner lines, started and finished a new PB, added those two to another one. They’re as follows:

Danny and the Christmas Star
Marcella’s Three Tests: Filipino Tale Retold
Alitaptap and the Sky King: Filipino Tale Retold

I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to workshop with one of the faculty at VC who’s done PBs based on folktales, such as Janet Stevens (Jackalope).

The best thing about getting manuscripts off my desk and out to ‘editors’ is that I now have room to think of new projects. So I’m eyeing that YA book again as well as a short story I never quite got off the ground last Winter.

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It’s been busy, which doesn’t bode well for surviving and thriving this summer, but I guess it’s just safe to say that if I’m not writing here, that means I’ve been choosing to do my writing projects and reading for school.

A list of books I’ve been reading can be found on my Goodreads blog:


I’ve also gotten some financial aid information which has allayed most my fears that I wouldn’t get funding for school. I’ve arranged housing and bought my plane ticket, as well as arranged for time off work. All that’s left is my manuscript, which has shifted from two picture books to a section of a YA novel in progress, due by May 23. I love working on deadlines!

Sometimes, oftentimes really, all the parts that make up my life seem to get out of sync. There’s this project and that crisis and this conflict and that resolution. First a great tragedy, then great comfort mixed with writing challenges and travel. I found this the other day and somehow it made me feel much better:

See, the metronomes are all the different parts of my life now, often strumming along at different beats, tugging and pulling me every which way. But they’re all there and they’re all part of me, and when I allow them to share energy, allow the chaos of movement that is change, then I have great hope that soon, things will settle out, synchronize and all will be well again.

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